2005.11.04: Pixolid

Category: Art
Posted by: Alexis
Thor Greymore, The Thinking Man

Click here for my latest photographic endevours.

2005.10.08: My favorite links

Category: Links
Posted by: Alexis
While converting this site to a blog and archiving the old content, I realized that my favorite links have changed quite a bit over time. Below you'll find the sites I visit every week.


Democracy Now!: Fight the power.
Science News Daily: Nothing too technical, but not mainstream either.
SF Gate: Bay Area news for Bay Area folks.
Slashdot: News for nerd.
National Geographic News: World news with a scientific spin.
The New York Times: World-class reporting.
The Onion: Ridiculous articles.
The Wave: Bay Area news even a cracked-out schizo can love.

XBOX 360

GameFAQs.com: The best site for video game cheat codes and walkthroughs.
360Voice: My xbox writes its own blog when it's lonely.


Amazon: A great place for used books, music, and video games.


Dictionary.com: Spelling takes the poetry out of the language.
Google: The ultimate search engine.
Wikipedia: Get one step closer to omniscience.


Friendster: My oldest and best friends.
Myspace: Recent friends and friendly acquaintances.
Laughing Squid: San Francisco fringe culture site.


Erika: My favorite up-and-coming artist.
Jeff: My favorite independently wealthy dandy.
The Fart Party: Funny cartoon-style blog.
Yurt Cafe: A man, a pile of wood, and two months to yurtize it.


Digital Photography Review: Keep up with the latest camera technology.
Rob Galbraith DPI: News, reviews, tutorials, and forums for digital photographers.
Digital Journalist: A Multimedia Magazine for Photojournalism in the Digital Age.


PC World: Everything PC.
Macworld: Everything Mac.
Developer.com: Coding news and tips.

2005.10.04: Welcome to the official Alexis Barrera site

Category: Announcements
Posted by: Alexis
Don't let the glossy new facade fool you: This site is still under construction.

I'm busy working on two print projects and a minor sculpture, so don't expect to see many updates before 2006.